Funny Christian T-shirts Are No Laughing Matter

This My Lifeguard Walks On Water parody Christian t-shirts is a well deserved tribute to those who sacrifice so much to serve others. We’ve all seen and heard the news reports of uniformed hometown HEROES all over our nation. Men and women who risk their very lives to rescue, protect and comfort others in times of great tribulation. Some are paid for their duty – but never enough. Many others volunteer to put themselves in harms way for the sake of their fellow man. Such dedication and selfless heroism does not go unnoticed!

Fed Up Parody Christian T-shirts
Funny Christian T-Shirts

“Greater love has no one than this,” Jesus said, “than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” (John 15:13) Now, we might not all be called upon to rush headlong into a flaming building, or an accident scene, but we are called to full time duty in God’s fire and rescue squad, a beautiful message conveyed by these funny christian t-shirts. Much like Jesus who rescued Peter who was sinking, we too are called to offer the life vest of salvation to those who are sinking. Jude instructs all believers to “Show mercy to those whose faith is wavering. Rescue others by snatching them from the flames…help them to find the Lord by being kind to them.”(Jude1:22,23)

Jesus tells us to follow the example of the greatest hero to ever walk the face of the earth – Him! (Mark 8:34)Take the risk to rescue a friend in need – with love. (Jam 5:20). Do your duty to give away your life to protect and serve those around you. (Matt 20:26-28) Okay chief, time to be a hero- consider yourself signed up and consider one of our Christian T-Shirts: Best Kept Secret For Evangelizing in 2020! with humor as your uniform!