Ecommerce sales is expanding while the world economy is recessing

June 24th, 2013


We’ve all heard the fact that numerous businesses were closed in the 1990′s due to recession and such phenomenon did not only lose numerous companies in the market; it also cripples a number of families as they are trying to find some other means for living. To define, recession is a phenomenon when a business slows down closes due to poor economic activity. From the definition alone, we can already see that recession is a tough situation for entrepreneurs, poverty per se. But it wasn’t really tough for those who turn to e-commerce.

There are three reasons why ecommerce has flourished despite recession. Firstly, there are lower overhead costs for ecommerce. Secondly, you don’t need a number of employees to entertain customers and guard a physical store. Finally, ecommerce opens the possibilities to let you deal with a global market. The very reason that lower overhead costs are achieved in ecommerce is the fact that you don’t necessarily need to get permits, fire extinguishers, building check-ups, and the likes, to start the business. There’s no need for security guards and extra attendants to guard the store. Depending on the bulk of your shop, one or two personal assistant is all you need to keep it going.  As long as you have a small space, a good computer, and a speedy internet connection, you are good to go. Meanwhile, the presence of having a lot of people in a business is the possibility of lowering their work when you are not around. Most people who don’t have their bosses around tend to chat and leave the unfinished tasks when the boss arrives. Apart from that, each person in the business means salary and wages, so you don’t want wasting a bit of your fortune to lazy people, do you? Finally, ecommerce allows you the possibility to open your market worldwide since social networking is one of the keys to obtain success in ecommerce. With the presence of social networking sites, entrepreneurs can meet other businessmen and clients and learn from them while subtly selling their products. Forums, social sites, blogs, and many other tools are present online to help every businessman flourish in ecommerce just as long as he or she has the creativity to use all of these.

You see, ecommerce may also have its own disadvantages, but if during recession, the disadvantages of ecommerce have been discounted by a lot of hopefuls in the world of business. After all, they’re not all about the type of commerce; they’re all about sales, right?

(Special thanks to Ashley who is the author of this article. Ashley is a columnist writer for the e-commerce department of the Green Guide. The Green Guide is a website that is specialized in providing green living tips, product reviews, buying guides and environmental health news.)

The Call of International Business

March 7th, 2013


Even during that time when you are looking to Germany as the “trade champion,” Mr. Grillo in spite of everything is right. On the other hand, assessing the rudimentary export records as “trades per capita” Germany is, in accordance to the World-Factbook of the CIA in the year 2011, remains to be only number six as looking to Europe merely.

In the exterior of Europe the major five are: Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherlands, Belgium, and United Arab Emirates. At this juncture, Germany ranks at the ninth place. A further in depth scrutiny with illustrations is able to be brought into being by the use of the web page “News” by the side of the right hand area.

Taking in attention that the fiercest industrial district of the globe is Europe – it is without question meaningful for whichever overseas dealer to go there or move towards here. Firstly, it is for the reason that it possibly would make their local financial prudence and companies stronger and in addition for the reason that this will be of assistance to get rid of the European international trade balance.

On the other hand, doing trade in a foreign country requires responses to a small number of queries which could, should, have to be viewed at whenever the duty is to turn out to be more fruitful, to even out the business and to come to be more impervious to downturns.

Exporting businesses have gains on top of the others all the time for the reason that it displays their enlarged stability in the direction of any purchaser and, simply in any case as downturns, do not get affected by the similar timing and results in the several regions of the world they are affected in a reduced amount, as the history has presented. Depressions do have the disagreeable atmosphere to reprise.


The Current Status of International Business and Economy

February 15th, 2013

business and economy

For the year 2013, there is one big question that is coming out today in the business world; “what is the current status of the international business and economy this year?” This was the main question proposed by those business practitioners today and in which, they still find hard to get an answer. In this case, many business owners were really worried about the outcome of the business status nowadays. However, they are still on the process of making business techniques nowadays in order to make some improvement in their business.

During the recent market research, it has been adjudged that the international businesses nowadays are doing well, especially when it comes to the stock market. Aside from that, one of the main reasons behind the good flow in the international economy is because of the fast advancement and growth of information technology. Nowadays, it is good to know that there are already latest inventions of gadgets that are mostly the most in demand items in the market recently.

These are the main reasons why there has been a stable flow of income in the international business nowadays; most particularly with the Samsung and Apple brands. Aside from that, one of the good reasons behind the stability of the economy nowadays is due to those different emerging market in different countries as well. The emerging markets nowadays had created great impact in the international business as it continue to grow every now and then at the same time.

Moreover, due to the increase influence of politics to businesses nowadays, international business was also doing well.  Government can now choose to let other businesses to come in into their country and which paves good results for the business and the entire world’s economy. With all these reasons, business persons all over the world were hoping to have the best gain from all their efforts with their distinct businesses.

Business experts hope to continue all these things in order to ensure a good result of the status of the international market and as well as the entire world’s economy. International business may be a complex scenario to tackle today; however, if things will be done one step at a time then there could be an assurance of a smooth flow of income in the international market. Everyone is now hoping for a good outcome of the business status this year.

US Government Move to Cut Debt in 2013

February 5th, 2013


Nowadays, the world is facing a global problem aside from the fact that we are also facing certain improvement. However, it is just so sad to know that our world is having more problems than improvements. One of the problems that the world is facing nowadays is the so called global debts as well. When it comes to debts, almost all the countries all over the world are having their own problems, and one of the most affected ones is the Unites States in America.

Despite the fact that US is already an established country, it is even sad to note that being a progressive country also entails debts and financial crisis in return. This is one way of proving the world that there is no such perfect government and even those rich will starve and suffer. Nowadays, one of the mere targets of United States is to make a cut with their growing debt in the year 2013.

A lot of people may wonder the mere reasons behind their thousand debts, but as you can see, with those improvements that US has, comes great responsibilities and monetary expenses as well. Thus, this became the reason why even progressive countries were tied up with millions of debts today. In this situation, US President Obama will do all the things that he could just to minimize and totally cut of the debt that they are recently facing.

According to recent news, there might be changes with the monetary budget of each state in order to address to the need of the US government in filling up their debts to other countries. On the other hand, they also have their motion and which is to make good profit with the businesses that they have as well. Moreover, Americans are working hand in hand just to solve the problem that they have nowadays.

It may not be easy for them to clear all their names from debts, however, through their support and cooperation to the government that rules their place, they are hoping for better results with their plans. In line with this motion, US government will no minimize making some expenses which are not so important like other infrastructure that is not so useful. US may now focus to what is being needed the most and that is already a good start in clearing all their debts this year.

The Political impact on US-China Trading

January 19th, 2013

us-china-tradingBusiness trading is the trending kind of business technique nowadays which is an agreement between two countries. Among those countries which are engaged with the said trading are US and China. They had been into an agreement of having the said trading in order to both improve their business sector. On the other hand, the business trading between China and US is not just beneficial to its businesses, but it has been giving a good impact also into its political sector.

Within the agreement of China and US, one of the things they agreed was on the amount of tariff which will be ask from each product which will be imported. They have the so called tariff quota which will specify the amount of tariff to be asked from each product like wheat, cotton, barley and rice. Despite the fact that China can now trade to US, in their agreement, there were also restrictions which were also included. China cannot fully import all the goods that they have to US, since the trading is only limited to few goods that they have.

Aside from goods, US also allow labor standards in their trading. One of the reasons is because China is offering a low paid labor and in which it can also be a great use in the high end business market. They are also equipped with highly-educated workforce like workers of electric pallet truck and which is deem beneficial in US. With their trading agreements, China gained a lot of benefits from it, since they now become part of the global trading order which allows them to even gain trust from other countries and trade with them at the same time, you can visit the website here

With this agreement, China has committed to US to become more transparent in making their business trading. On the other hand, US also have their personal interest over China which made them signed the deal for their business trading. US is after of the China’s labor and growing market which made them interested in the business deal. With this agreement, Chinese are now given the chance of free flow to and fro from US, since one of the targets of US is to make benefits from China’s highly-educated manpower with a low-paid salary. Since labor standards has been mandated in the said agreement, any Chinese can now be hired as worker in any companies or business sector of US.

Global Economic Meltdown: What Caused It and When Will It End?

December 27th, 2012


For the previous years, the international business scene has been falling apart because of the global economic meltdown. Everything started in the year 2008. Layoffs, retrenchments, crises in housing, and the incapability to afford the fundamental healthcare became the major problems. Such meltdown in the global economy is continuously felt until the present year, even as the new year is about to come. The lingering question hers is: what could have probably caused it and when will all of these come to an end?

Try to imagine waking up every single morning without a workplace to go. You are not on a leisure rest or trip. You have been laid off from your work. This is a fact for most of the people around the globe. The downturn in the global economy is going beyond geographical boarders and has been hitting every single person regardless of social status. A sole crisis or problem can prompt the commencement of an economic slump. According to the International Monetary Fund or IMF, the global growth that is less than 3 per cent can be regarded as a global recession. The organization also classified recessions in accordance to their chief causes. These causes include oil shock, financial crises, external claim shock, and fiscal policy constriction.

Those triggered formerly by fiscal crunches were labeled by the IMF as additionally critical and extensive lasting than downturns related with other blows. A worldwide economic decline takes from six to eighteen months. Interest charges normally decline throughout this period to rouse the budget by proposing inexpensive rates to derive money.

The solution to breakthrough a global fiscal meltdown is to search for a downturn-proof business. These businesses could probably those that are with low or even zero in an environment where recession exists. Furthermore, the business must have withstood a history of onsets of recessions and is capable of using the capital wisely.

This leads us to answering the question: “Will the downturn come to a stop in 2013?” Things appear to be hopeful in this year and so as with the coming year. However, we have not come out of the woods just yet. Uncertainty is always present and there are still unsettled problems and concerns from the fiscal crisis.